What a blessing Deborah has been for our daughter, Shayna! She came to Deborah with a basic understanding and ability to sing, but without a real understanding of how to use her instrument well and safely. Deborah has coached her through that barrier and has helped guide her into a place where she feels confident and is aware of how to make the best decisions for her voice when she is singing. She has better range, better control and a better over all sound since working with Deborah. Her vocal growth has been astounding and we truly cannot thank Deborah enough for all the care and effort she puts in to each of her students!

Charise Proctor, Mother

Deb has truly transformed my voice. Her expertise on the voice has truly made a night and day difference in the way I approach performances. I feel like I learn something new every week which is something I’ve never felt with a vocal coach before. Not only is Deb an incredibly talented vocal coach, but one of the most kind and humble women I’ve ever met. She has a beautiful heart and such a passion for music that truly shows through her teaching.

Abby Ward, Singer/Songwriter

I love coaching with Deborah!  She has great techniques that bring out the best in my voice.  We have a lot of fun and I always feel good about the work we do together whether it's "just for fun" practice or I'm getting ready for an audition.

Rachel Eggleston, Actress

I studied with Deborah for about two years,10 years ago in LA before moving to Denver, CO. I'm a musical theater performer, so healthy vocal technique is vital for me. After being in Denver for 7 years, studying with a variety of people (one of whom actually injured my voice), I finally contacted Deborah again and we started video conferencing. Yes, there is no question, she is expensive, but man, is she worth it. Her technique is flawless, she is one of the only teachers I've found who not only cares about how you sing, but what you are communicating. She will take your voice to places it's never been in a healthy, easy way, enabling you to be a more powerful and communicative singer. I was initially resistant to doing lessons via Skype, but I have to say, it's worked out great. If you care about singing, invest in Deborah. You really won't regret it.

Eve Cohen, Singer/Actress

Deb is the best voice coach in town!  She has such and incredible personality and uses it to make my daughter Brooklynn do her very best in her lessons.  We've been working with Deb for about two years now and have seen such amazing results in Brooklynn's voice.  I love that Deb focuses on singing correctly! That's so important for a young voice.  I am lucky we found Deb and would recommend her to anybody looking to improve or correct their vocal skills.  She's the best around!!

Jessica Garcia, Mother

I've been through a few vocal coaches, but Deb is hands down the best. From the first lesson, it became obvious that Deb's expertise would really help develop my voice. Deb is a wonderful teacher, whose techniques will not only improve your voice, but whose enthusiasm inspires you to do better. She's opened up my voice tremendously and now I sing with an ease I've never had before! Thanks a million, Deb.

Jennifer Sandel, Singer

I have been working with Deborah since I was 17 years old. She has helped me every step of the way whether it be through developing my voice, writing music, or writing and producing the perfect song for me. I am able to connect with her from across the country via Skype and while most people think this wouldn't be effective, the results have been remarkable. I owe a lot of my current success to Deborah. She always has my back and I know I have a bright future ahead of me working with Deborah!

April Renzella, Miss Bay State 2011

Deborah creates an environment of incredible patience and support. Combine that with her technical knowledge and laser-sharp instincts and you get results … fast.

Alex S., Actor/Singer

The first time I met Deborah, I immediately loved her. She is very kind and genuine with an infections smile. When I started voice lessons with her, she had a great way of communicating and explaining what, why and how to do something to improve my voice, range and everything in between. Deborah has an amazing gift! I would highly recommend Deborah to anyone wanting to pursue music and advance in their talent. Deborah's the best! Thank you Deborah.

Marianna Oliveri, Miss Santa Barbara County’s Outstanding Teen 2013

My experience with Deborah has been incredible! We have been working together for over a year and I never expected to have such fast results. Deborah has definitely brought out the best in my vocal abilities and I feel there is a lot more to come. Each exercise that she does is made to strengthen the weaknesses and at the same time help us understand how our voice works. She has helped me develop my style and I now definitely feel like I can express what I have been wanting too.

Anabel Romero, Singer/Songwriter

Words can't express how thankful I am to have Deborah as my voice coach. To me she is more than that. She is also a life coach and a friend. I cried in my car after my first lesson with her, tears of joy and relief. I have been singing since I was seven.  For many years, I bounced from one voice coach to another searching for "the one" who could take me to the next level. Deborah is "the one". Every lesson with her produces results. She's a pro! She explains things in a way that sticks. Also, she genuinely wants you to succeed. She provides a supportive and nurturing environment where you are free to play around so you can discover your true vocal capabilities. She provides both helpful and honest feedback. Now that I have found her, I will never let her go. =)

Monique Dionisio, Singer

Deborah helped me find who I was as a singer. She developed tone and depth in my voice that I never knew existed and has supported me in every vocal venture. Her time and effort into my voice is what sets her apart from other instructors. She really cares about seeing me grow, and you can tell she really loves what she does. If you give her a chance, you'll be surprised by how she can develop your voice!

Jennifer Wiemann

What I love about Deborah, because of her years of experience, she has the ability to see through where your voice IS and knows HOW to take it where it needs to be. The whole time she keeps the integrity of your voice intact. Pulling from it what is unique and capitalizing upon it. She understands that not every problem is a problem to be addressed. Because she is so experienced she never gets distracted by all the many many issues that a vocalist may have to work on. She understands the key areas that need to be put in place knowing that once that happens other areas end up working without every having to address them at all. And each step Deborah takes you through vocally brings you to another place you may not have ever been and you sit and go "woah, I've never sung like that before." And then she says, "I know, and just wait…" And even during those plateau weeks Deborah somehow keeps it going, keeps being encouraging and you end up trusting her…that she knows what she is doing and before you know it your voice ends up doing what she is asking of it. She is my vocal coach, my therapist, my sweet friend.

Jenni Auvenshine, Singer/Songwriter

I have had nothing but the most amazing experiences with Deborah Ellen! Over the last five of years I have worked with her on vocal technique, finding myself as an artist, and creating a wonderful CD! Because of Deborah and her training, my voice has become so strong. She taught me to take what I am gifted in and use it to become the singer I am today. She is so personal and always caters to my voice and my vocal needs. Deborah and I work together once a week for and hour over Skype and I occasionally fly out to California to have lessons along with recording! Deborah has not only been an amazing teacher but has now become one of my closest friends! She has always been there for me personally and professionally and has not only helped me to become the singer I am today, but the person and professional I am today.

Jessica Amerson, Singer/Songwriter

Deborah is one of the most gifted teachers I have encountered. She knows her craft inside and out. Deborah has known how to tackle every vocal problem or issue I have had with great patience and encouragement. As a singer, I consider my time with her invaluable, as I have grown exponentially. I would recommend Deborah as a teacher to anyone who loves singing because she truly does, and this rare quality shines through in her work.

Samantha Simpson, Singer/Actor

After my first lesson with Deborah I felt I could trust that she would tell me the truth about what I needed to work on, and not be to harsh at the same time. Over the past nine months working with Deborah I have noticed a change in my singing. I feel I can sing with more depth than what I could in the past. I also feel I am more confident in my singing abilities. Time fly's when I have my lessons with Deborah, and I always leave happy.

Maria Densley

As a singer just starting out and having little knowledge of singing, I have learned a tremendous amount and grown exponentially working with Deborah. In the past year I have grown so much and I always look forward to my lessons, and learning more every time I go.

Rachel Callaway