About – Deborah Ellen

“… from the inexperienced joyful abandonment of childhood singing… to the terrifying experience of a damaged voice, damaged confidence and a broken spirit… to the rebirth of the incredible joy of singing… this has been my journey.” – Deborah Ellen


Deborah began singing and acting at the age of seven in community theatre productions where she was the lead actor/singer of her theatre company. Over the course of her childhood and teenage years, she won talent competitions, performed as an ensemble singer in multiple choirs and quartets and began her professional career. Deborah was with a San Diego theatre company for four years performing original musicals, as well as working as a wedding soloist, a featured entertainer at special functions and a casual singer.

After spending four years at the University of California, Santa Barbara, earning her Bachelor’s degree, and graduating Cum Laude, Deborah packed up and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her musical dreams.

During the next five years, Deborah encountered the most difficult and trying experiences of her singing career. She studied vocal techniques that damaged her voice, she developed vocal chord nodules, lost command of her instrument, and stopped singing in public. In desperation, she contacted many of the top vocal coaches in the industry and began training in highly specialized techniques. With the assistance of incredible mentors, and with time, patience and a commitment to succeed, she found her way back.

Deborah has sung professionally on stage and in the studio, performing as a solo artist and in a trio group. She has worked as a singer and actor in television and is a published songwriter for film and tv. Please see Songwriting Credits for more information. Deborah also released a children’s album entitled “Mr. Blue Oven Mitt” which she co-wrote and recorded.

Deborah believes that her past vocal experiences have made her the teacher she is today.  Not only did she discover amazing technical approaches for healthy, strong vocalization, but she also really understands many of the emotional challenges her singers face.  While difficult to go through, she feels it was a blessing is disguise.

Deborah also discovered her songwriting talent during that time.  She co-wrote with many different songwriters before finding her longtime writing and business partner Rachael Lawrence.  She and Rachael have written and placed many songs in film and television.  They have also had the opportunity to co-write with many great composers and songwriters, such as Marco Beltrami, David Malloy, Trey Bruce, Rose Falcon and many more.

Deborah is grateful for all the experiences and opportunities her journey has brought to her and her students so far, and she looks forward to all that is to come!