About – Curriculum

Vocal Lessons

Do you want to sing from chest voice, through your middle range and into head voice seamlessly, consistently and effortlessly? Through the use of a speech level approach to vocalization and vowel tuning, Deborah can help you achieve this!

Deborah Ellen has been training singers for over 20 years. She has studied many different techniques and combined the best parts of each to develop an extraordinary curriculum. Deborah customizes each session and adjusts the curriculum based on each singer’s individual needs. She also provides a fun, open, safe and growth oriented atmosphere.

Deborah believes strong, healthy vocal technique is vital for the longevity of a singer’s career. It also provides a singer the confidence that comes with knowing the voice can produce the notes in a song beautifully and effortlessly. This freedom allows the singer to focus on communicating the message and emotion thereby elevating them from a technically solid singer to a true artist. After all, we don’t listen to music because we want to hear something perfect; we listen to music to feel something extraordinary.

Developing a performer’s own unique artistry is of equal importance. Deborah knows how to bring out and highlight each singer’s individuality.

Her goal is to provide her students the tools to develop solid technique and a true sense of artistry, so that they can go out and chase their dreams!

Songwriting Coaching

Do you have something to say but you’re not sure how to turn it into a song? Do you have a song that just needs some polishing? No matter what level you are at, Deborah can help. She is a published songwriter with many placements in film and television. She writes in all genres of music. Deborah knows what sells in the industry and can help you develop a winning songwriting formula. Learn about song structure, the art of lyric writing, and how to tell if you have a hit song.  She can also help you get recordings of your songs made. And through her industry connections, she can help you get your songs heard by other music professionals.  Deborah has a great love of songwriting and thrives on sharing it with her students.

Access to Industry Opportunities

Industry professionals want to hear a great voice, singing a hit song, that sounds exactly like what they would put on the radio. Demo recordings are no longer enough. Deborah Ellen is the Co–Owner of PTP Music. PTP Music can help you find, write or co-write hit songs, and complete your master quality recording. You can then take the recordings to promote your artistry while we also look for placement opportunities for you in television, movies and with other industry professionals. Deborah has had great success in helping her students gain this kind of exposure.